Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brian and Shirelle Chimenti's wine party

Some of my new friends are Brian and Shirelle Chimenti from The Woodlands, TX (suburb of Houston). I had met Shirelle at a wine tasting in The Woodlands, then Brian and Shirelle visited us in Napa with their parents and Brian's sister and her partner. Ed is the retired Chief Engineer of NASA - fun listening to NASA stories over wine.

Shirelle is former Miss Louisiana and runner up to Miss America. Brian is an orthopedic surgeon. One of the best looking couples I have ever met!

Shirelle offered to host a wine party for me in The Woodlands. She had some wonderful guests there, including Avery Johnson ex-San Antonio Spurs player and ex-coach of the Dallas Mavericks. As is true of all Texas parties, all the men were handsome (well almost most...) and all the women were beautiful!

I had a chance to explain my Romantic Portfolio of wines for the first time outside of Napa and it was great fun to get everyone's reaction to this intermingling of wine and romance.

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